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Travel theme: Big

As my sister Lisa reports over at “Northwest Frame of Mind,” she, our Dad (at “Around and About the Pacific Northwest“) and I all snap photos where ever we go, and since we’ve all been blogging here at WordPress, it’s become pretty obvious that we see the world through similar lenses, with our personal perspectives too though, of course. We all recently spent the weekend together and have all already posted many shots from the day trip up into the Mt. Baker Wilderness area. A big adventure with our kids and their BIG personalities. Perfect fodder for Ailsa’s travel theme: Big.

Dad presents an image of a  big old doug fir, and here I present the same big old fir with a dollop of big personality:

IMG_7631 And now some new additions to the array we’ve all added. First up, a big climb for little legs. We didn’t quite make it up to the top of Table Mountain, but a valiant effort was made by all.

IMG_7696Back down at the trail head of Artists Point, this image captures a moment of big intrigue for little ones: “Could we find snow bears in there, mama?” (She knows better, but can’t help imagining what might lurk under the mysterious “snert field”).

IMG_7762A great day full of big fun with big views and leaving us all with big ideas to share with the blog-o-sphere.

IMG_7786Summer in the Pacific Northwest offers up big opportunities, for sure. What a backdrop.


Daily Prompt: Green [-eyed Monster]

The payoff of living in the damp (understatement, that!) Pacific Northwest is the GREEN surroundings. In spring, amidst the showers, lush vegetation unfolds before our very eyes. Just look at those little fiddleheads reaching for the sky.

IMG_3590Though a northwest native, I spent five long years in the Mid-west United States and while I found natural beauty wherever I went (Arkansas and Minnesota are lovely, in their own way), I always longed to return to the greener climbs of the PNW (i.e., can you say “jealous“? that emotion was regularly felt when I chatted on the phone with my family and friends “back home” in Washington). As luck (and  A LOT of hard work) would have it, I did return and my family is now happily settled in Northwest Oregon, where we seek out opportunities to fill our senses with the rich sights, smells and sounds of this lovely region. The photo here was snapped on my “little go everywhere phone,” on a hike we took on Mother’s Day 2012, in the Saddle Mountain State Natural Area, in Oregon’s Coastal Range.

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