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Reflect,” is the “word in your ear” challenge for this last week of 2013.  A trip to the beach was in order for us yesterday, after spending a week in the house nursing nastiness and feeling simultaneously relieved that we are on vacation for the holiday so we didn’t have to muddle through work, but also feeling cheated, like we didn’t get to do all we’d hoped for during the holiday. Turns out though, in reflection, that we’ve had a wonderful time: we’ve relaxed and enjoyed our cozy home, our sweet new puppy, and have watched movies, read books, and given many of the new Christmas treasures a fair shake. But with the whale migration in progress and our vacation time dwindling, we decided to dose ourselves up with some Tylenol and drive off to the beach, leaving late and thus staying late. In the afternoon dusk, the reflections on the beach were gorgeous.

Happy New Year, everyone!


A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant

To the “word in your ear” challenge this week – Vibrant – I offer up a couple of gems. Ever thought of your pizza in “vibrant” terms? I hadn’t until this happy little hipstamatic moment was captured on my “little go everywhere phone” —

Humble homemade made vibrant with a random setting in Hipstamatic

Humble homemade made vibrant with a random setting in Hipstamatic

My second vibrant gem, though a little more mundane, is no less lively, in its richness of color:

Though Rhodies don't need enhancement on days like this, Hipstamatic added a little shine to the image here too

Everyday Rhodies with a little Hipstamatic spit and polish

Enjoy the vitality of color brought on with this fun challenge!

© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.

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