Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

When traveling over the mountains and through the woods (or through the Columbia River Gorge, depending on our starting point) to my grandmother’s house, the difference in landscapes between west and east never ceases to captive and amaze me. In Washington and Oregon both, the wet west side lushness contrasts starkly with big-sky expanses of the eastern desert scape. So for this month’s entry into the “Phoneography Challenge: Black and White” hosted by “Lens and Pens by Sally” I thought I would take Sally’s “tip of the week” and modify some snapshots by converting color images to black and white, to showcase the contrast in scapes.

First up: the densely wooded edge of the Wilson River cutting through the Tillamook Forest of Western Oregon. Even in black and white, the sweet musty smell of the damp forest floor comes to mind, doesn’t it?

First taken in Hipstamatic on my iPhone 4, then converted to black and white with iPhoto

First taken in Hipstamatic on my iPhone 4, then converted to black and white with iPhoto

In contrast to the dense forest, just look at the expansive sky, dramatically punctuated with towering windmills, clearly marking the states’ commitments to conservation. In this image I see timelessness and progress both.

Also taken in transit with my iPhone 4, but only converted and brightened with iPhoto.

Taken in transit along highway 84 with my iPhone 4, then converted and brightened with iPhoto.

Which image do you like best, and why? Though the color versions are striking, stripping away the color really does highlight each landscape’s essence.

© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Wonderful pictures, yes it really does conjure the actual smell of a damp forest floor..


  2. The first one is lovely, and takes me back to the time when nature was revered and honored. The soft contrasts and tones pull me right into its narrative. Well done. Happy Phoneography Monday.


  3. […] Phoneography Challenge: Black and White ( […]


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