A word a week challenge: Distant

Distance is the word in our ear this week, a fitting theme in the summer months. For the last several years running, we’ve bridged the distance between us and our family by traversing cross-country — from Northwest Oregon to Central New York — to spend a week with my in-laws: Nana, Papa, cousins, aunts, uncles, and puppies galore!  Given our home locales on either side of our grande country, it takes a good 12 – 18 hours to travel from door-step to door-step, a trip that ignites our curiosities in seeking out new adventure inasmuch as it challenges our good natures (my daughter is only 6, after all). This year flight options were limited with a red-eye out, and on our return 8 hours to kill “in transit” at JFK. Rather than losing our minds in the Jet Blue wing, we made lemonade by taking a car into the city. As lovers of nature and science, we figured that the American Museum of Natural History would be the perfect diversion! Our interest and excitement carried the day at first where we buzzed from exhibit to exhibit, marveling at the wondrous sights and sounds (the frog exhibit was something else!). But alas, a full week of indulgence and excess made my little one’s energy level quickly tank, and just as we entered the most awesome halls of all–  The Dinosaur exhibitions. Talk about distance — these halls embody the word in so many ways! As you can see in the snapshot below though, the distance we traveled to get there left my little natural scientist unable to fully appreciate the awesomeness of her surrounds.

a little too much distance to appreciate the moment

a little too much distance to appreciate the moment

We will surely go the distance again next year and will visit the museum again, but next time we’ll try to plan it out a little better so that the distance traveled won’t interfere quite so much with our ability to appreciate the gravity of the awesome exhibits, exhibits that embody distance in time, space, relativity and so much more.

© Erica K O’Shea at “growthandpossibility.wordpress.com”, 2013.


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