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Daily Prompt: Nature

An ongoing civic project in my town centers on natural reclamation — of wetlands, bird habitats, and native vegetation. A trail-head to one part of the loop through the project is just a couple blocks from home, so we spend quite a bit of time keeping our eyes on the natural growth. In the spirit of the Postaday prompt “The natural world” I thought I’d share a handful of images taken during our walks and rides. All photos taken with my iPhone 4, some enhanced with Instagram or Hipstamatic.


© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.


Daily Prompt: Longevity

Longevity– the daily post prompt for today — brings to mind the majestic and mysterious oak trees in our yard. Though we’ve only been in residence for 5 years, the house itself was firmly planted just over 100 years ago. I imagine that the oaks put down their roots about a century ago too. I love laying under them looking up into the moss covered maze of gnarled branches, making their way up to reach the sun. Squirrels and racoons scamper along the steadfast trunks and birds of all sorts make their homes in the leafy climbs. With my little iPhone photos here I offer you a hint of their majesty and longevity.

© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion

The weekly photo challenge hosted by the Daily Post prompts us to present Companionable images. With the definition “a mate or match” in mind, I thought of this image here, capturing a moment in a stretch of time where two cousins demonstrated their companionability over and over again: their shirts match, their intensity matches, their need to be right, to be first, to be …., well, you get the idea! What a good match they make! IMG_7076

© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.

A Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant

To the “word in your ear” challenge this week – Vibrant – I offer up a couple of gems. Ever thought of your pizza in “vibrant” terms? I hadn’t until this happy little hipstamatic moment was captured on my “little go everywhere phone” —

Humble homemade made vibrant with a random setting in Hipstamatic

Humble homemade made vibrant with a random setting in Hipstamatic

My second vibrant gem, though a little more mundane, is no less lively, in its richness of color:

Though Rhodies don't need enhancement on days like this, Hipstamatic added a little shine to the image here too

Everyday Rhodies with a little Hipstamatic spit and polish

Enjoy the vitality of color brought on with this fun challenge!

© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.

Daily Prompt: Jump

What a lucky shot this one was! It is, perhaps, more of a toss, but I’m willing to throw it out there, in response to the “Daily Prompt: Jump” challenge. Might as well, right?! So here she is, my very own fearless flyer, in the throws of summer.

IMG_4178© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.

Phoneography Monday: Black and White

Today’s challenge from Lens & Pens by Sally is about black and white images. I haven’t deliberately taken photos in black and white for quite some time– In fact, not since my high school photography class ages ago (1989 or 1990).  As I think of it, my parents have a photo on display in a hallway in their house, that I took one lovely weekend afternoon when my Dad drove me out to Larabee State Park in WA, so I could take photos for an assignment.  An apropos memory the day after Father’s Day, in that I ended up developing one of the images and giving it to my Dad for Father’s Day. (It is a striking image of the coast line, one that captures the varying textures and curves of the area: eroding sandstone nestled above a rocky shore, with a wind-shaped Madrona tree’s gnarly trunk rising above).

Skipping ahead to the present day though, rather than operating a camera with film and actually developing it (I can smell those chemicals now, as I think of it) I instead fiddle around with the features that come with Instagram and Snapseed. The first two images I share below are examples of my idle modifications, both taken within the last year with my iPhone 4 and modified with Instagram.

"Farm Camp" agrees with her

“Farm Camp” agrees with her

Working on it

Working on it

The third image here is a collaborative project. My six-year-old daughter drew her beloved “baby bunny” and I snapped a picture of her handiwork. Isn’t it sweet?

Beloved Baby Bunny

Beloved Baby Bunny

And last, a complete accident, or rather trick of the light, that begged for a black and white transformation (also Instagram, only to make it black and white, all else just happened on its own).

the curious case of the disappearing cousin

the curious case of the disappearing cousin

Some viewers may recognize this image, as my sister has recently used it too, as an apt fit for the challenge titled “smoke and mirrors.”

Of this set, which do you prefer, and why?

© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Sara Russo states: “Curves. I bet you can find curves wherever you are. Show me!” Here you are, then – a lovely little bird’s nest, completely out of place perched on a metal guard rail overlooking Gales Creek in the middle of winter. I love this image in its own right but I particularly love the idea of straight lines – sticks and such – put together just so, creating a curvaceous space for a plump little birdie to nestle in for the night. IMG_6079

© Erica K O’Shea at “”, 2013.

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