“Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape”

IMG_4902The weekly photo challenge: “escape” prompt spoke to me today, as it is indeed the end of another semester. At the end of any term I find myself at loose ends, as changing gears from a jam-packed semester to an open-ended summer ripe with possibility takes some adjusting. As I spin my wheels today, mulling over these possibilities, I find myself smiling, knowing that some of what I do this summer will surely be escapist, but done with a touch of confident intentionality too, no matter how ambitious or mundane.

© Erica K O’Shea at “growthandpossibility.wordpress.com”, 2013.


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  1. I so related to this statement: “At the end of any term, I find myself at loose ends, as changing gears from a jam-packed semester to an open-ended summer ripe with possibility takes some adjusting.” Very nice photograph, too!


    • Thanks! I know, after years and years of teaching, it’s always the same. At least I’ve come to expect it. Glad you liked the photo – sometimes my iPhone Hipstamatic app works magic 🙂


  2. Beautiful and inspiring. The ocean reminds me of everything I hope and dream to be. Plus it is a fun place to find adventures.


    • Absolutely! We count our blessings that we live so close to the lovely Oregon cost. My family has a mantra: “Never a bad day at the beach!” I wonder if my little adventurous one will ever actually swim away? She really wants to try. Maybe when she’s a bit bigger…


  3. […] “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape” | “I dwell in possibility…” […]


  4. […] “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape” | “I dwell in possibility…” […]


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